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Dixie Gas Vendor Information

If you would like to set up as a vendor, there is no need to pre-register for an unlimited outdoor space.  You can just show up that morning.  The fee is $60.00.  An inside 10x10 space is also $60.00.  These are reserved in advanced, so call early.  Tables are available for rent for $5.00 each.  The format of the show is the same always. Set up will begin on the first scheduled show day. You will not be allowed to set up early. You may drop a trailor before the first show day, but no set up is allowed.  We would like to encourage all of our vendors to be respectful of the set up day, as we have a lot of last minute work to do.  Arriving earlier may not allow time for your spot to be mowed or worse yet, you might be handed a weed eater and put to work.  You can drop a trailer prior to, mark your spot, and put out tables.  But, we strongly discourage any other set up.  You can not unload early.  We also would also like to encourage everyone to stay thru Saturday.  In case you are unaware of it, this is a tourist town.  A lot of people arrive on Friday afternoon and come to the show on Saturday to be disappointed by the fact that many vendors have already closed up.  For those Vendors who do choose to stay, they tell us that the Saturday is profitable.

Remember, we have six cabins available for rental at the show site.  For cabin information, please contact Chip directly at 865-254-8027.

For the most current and last minute information, please visit us at our facebook page.  

2021 Christmas at Dixie
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Dixie Gas
The format of the show is the same always. Set up will begin on Friday at 6AM. You will not be allowed to set up early or on Thursday. The show days will be Friday and Saturday. We want to keep our show on the weekend, not in the middle of the week. This will benefit everyone. We have caught a lot of slack from spectators who come out on Saturday, to find most packed up and gone home early. Spectators are welcome Both days.